Design, smartphone control, security: trendy garage doors for 2020


Classics are timeless, but if they are enriched with innovative finishes and accessories, they combine functionality requirements with aesthetic needs: perimeter led and automations, the novelties signed by CAME GO.

The primary goal is to dare. The times when garage doors were only a component on which not to dwell too long are over. The need to make garages as livable as other rooms and to combine style, safety and functionality has led CAME GO to diversify its solutions to make residential and industrial garage doors fully customizable. Among the available solutions, there are many garage door models and colors, finishes and pluses: every detail proves to be fundamental to guarantee maximum result in terms of aesthetic, resistance and comfort.

Custom sectional garage doors

Given that the market demands the provision of turnkey solutions, including a pre-sales consultancy and after-sales assistance service, CAME GO, specialized company founded in 2006, has implemented its own professional network with whom to collaborate and plan new models both for residential and industrial buildings. Adding accessories, automations and stylish details renovates a classic garage door into a real design complement that meets any aesthetic and functionality need.

Trendy models of garage door panels

If it’s true that the Piano classic models never go out of style with their minimal look and that they adapt to any living environment, it’s also true that the latest trends move in another direction. Among the novelties of CAME GO, there is the Dogato slat garage door that breaks the monotony. Instead, the Rigato striped one aims to be more original and is 100% customizable thanks to the variety of finishes and colors to choose. The Millerighe ribbed panel is ideal to add fine finishes, the Cassettato drawer one is a perfect mix between tradition and innovation, the Scenario plan is more refined and bright and the Panoramic one, with its clean lines, is pure avant-garde.

Colors and style finishes for garage doors

Standard colors like white with its brightness, or grey which is adaptable to all buildings, never go out of style, but the new shades and the wide range of CAME GO finishes add originality, quality and functionality to the garage doors. Beige, green, red, violet: the color applied to garage plans, which are resistant to atmospheric agents, also contributes to make your home unique. Among the finishes, we range from a smooth base, symbol of eternal elegance, to the embossed wood one, which gives majesty to the garage door and guarantees excellent durability.

Trendy accessories for functional, safe and smart garage doors

  • GO LEVEL doors and windows: ideal to facilitate the ingress and egress without opening the entire door. The pedestrian doors contribute to make your garage more livable thanks to their elegant finishes and high-level security systems. Pedestrian doors and windows favor air exchange and they are the way to get more natural light into your garage room.
  • GO MOTION automation: opening and closing the garage door without getting out of the car at night or on a rainy day is one of the most requested comforts. The innovative GO MOTION automations allow the door to be opened and closed safely thanks to a simple remote control.
  • GO LIGHT perimeter led system: the perimeter light, available in three different models, ensures greater safety at night and creates a welcoming atmosphere at the entrance.
  • CAME GO PREMIUM: it’s what we can call the real trend. It’s a limited and exclusive edition that includes all the options, with the possibility of managing the garage door using your smartphone wherever you are.