Garage door: a guide to choosing to enrich aesthetic of your home


Can the garage be as livable and safe as other rooms of your home? In these times, driven by the need to have more space and increase security, many people are transforming their garage into a real original and smart comfort zone. The garage is no longer just a place to park your car in the evening or to store tools and other personal effects, but it becomes a 360┬░ living area, just like every other corner of your house.

The need for more space is not the only reason why many people choose to reinvent their garage. Especially in new homes, the garage door appears more and more often on the facade, thus becoming an element of personalization as important as the entrance door or the windows. Design, safety and functionality are the three most sought after features in this market which is growing rapidly, especially with regard to innovative and smart solutions. Until a few years ago the garage door was a minor addition, today the new integrated and technological systems are increasingly popular. In recent years there has been an increase of over 50 percent in this sector where not only safety, but also aesthetics plays a fundamental role.

One of the more important needs for those who need to renovate their garage is to choose a door that can enrich the aesthetic value of the facade of the house. The options are different and adapt to each context:

The Piano design is one of the most popular: its minimal lines integrate harmoniously with any living context, especially in modern environments.

The Dogato design, with its wide horizontal slats, gives a touch of elegance to both classic and modern architectural structures.

The Rigato design, among the most original, is easily customized thanks to the wide choice of colors and finishes, which make it a real glance.

The Cassettato design represents the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, to recall the elegance of the past with classic but fresh lines.

The Millerighe design is dedicated to those looking for a visual impact. Its lines are a concentrate of personality that adapts perfectly to both classic and modern living contexts.

The Scenario design is the maximum brightness, the expression of attention to detail and an added value to a sophisticated context.

The Panoramic design is pure avant-garde. Its clean lines and its modern effect make the garage door an original and precious complement.

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