GO LEVEL: The pedestrian door for your sectional door


GO LEVEL is the new pedestrian door that you can insert into your sectional door. It allows you to enter in the garage without opening the sectional door completely, therefore representing a practical solution for those who want to have a fast passage, comfortable and functional.

Perfect for industrial environments that require a quick passage through the sectional door, but also in residential areas, for convenient pedestrian transit, by bicycle or with a stroller, GO LEVEL combines in a single product multiple features, like:

  • Small-sized aluminium threshold, with black anodizing surface treatment
  • ORANGE-SAFE crossing technology that signals when somebody is crossing
  • Black anodized aluminium anti-drip function with an integrated system of self-regulation and self-centering of the door
  • An exclusive system to avoid fingers being trapped between panels
  • Concealed hinges
  • Sliding door closer
  • External/internal handle with a high-quality lock

Furthermore you can choose from a long list of optionals, among whom:

  • Lock with 5 locking points
  • Panic bar with 1 locking point
  • Panic bar with 3 locking points

Moreover, in case of a sectional door motorized or prepared for automation, the pedestrian door is equipped with a safety micro-switch, to prevent the use of automation when the pedestrian door is open.

Contact us to receive more information on GO LEVEL, or visit the product page.