How GO realizes the large industrial projects


In addition to designing and selling sectional garage doors, CAME GO realizes large building sites for commercial and/or productive use.

First of all, the customer follows the operation planning step by step, discussing every technical decision with our team of experts. Secondly, after a close dialogue with our specialists, we choose the solution that best suits the needs of the customer, using the advantages of sectional doors also in unusual settings.

One of the strengths of the products of CAME GO is the great flexibility of our solutions, that allows us to respond to all the opening/closing requirement, even in the industrial field. We offer a product that not only is durable, safe and high-performing, but also elegant and able to fit into unusual or large architectural contexts.

During the installation phase, GO relies on a network of qualified and selected installers that, in addition to installing the products, ensure their durability, thanks to a dedicated micro-maintenance program. This allows maximum efficiency even in case of high numbers of doors with increased work cycles.

Thanks to the expertise of our team and the versatility of our solutions, GO was selected for the design and construction of large projects by companies like Baxter, Bpt, Came, Capinera, Ceccarelli Group, Edilnol, Ferro Arredo, Hotel Pineta, Fiat, Iveco, Living divani, Macos, Nice, Obi and many more.

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