GO-SLIDE, a side sliding sectional garage door

The side sliding sectional door GO-SLIDE is suitable for all spaces and architectural requirements. It can slide horizontally fully or only for a short distance before bending, offering a solution to every structural and functional need.


GO-SLIDE is the side sliding sectional door designed to be installed on garages with low ceilings. The simplicity of the construction allows for an easy installation, use and maintenance, without the necessity of a balancing springs group.

The smooth and quiet horizontal scroll is granted by an amortized system of lower trolleys that guarantees proper functioning also in case of slight slopes in the floor or in the ceiling. Thanks to the new and exclusive bending radius, GO-SLIDE is completely safe, eliminating the risk of fingers being trapped between the panels.

The panels that make up the cloak of GO Italia side sliding sectional doors are insulated and, when they are thicker than 42mm, they are available in both wood-like surfaces and in standard or especially made RAL colours that can be matched with existing frames or sliding doors.

The whole range is completely automated, thanks to the insertion of a retractable motor directly in the guide, thus eliminating the need to fix a cumbersome and anti-aesthetic guide to the ceiling.

This product is suitable for all the closures existing nowadays, because the maximum size is only 70mm in height and 140mm in width. The possibility of sliding to the side is the only solution when the walls are not perfectly perpendicular.

Pedestrian opening

With GO-SLIDE you can save money on the side pedestrian door or the inserted one. The side sliding door can be opened partially whenever you need, making for an easy passage.

No internal structures

The particular side scrolling system completely eliminates the presence of spring ropes and the need for related maintenance activities, whether scheduled or not.


You can choose from hundreds of accessories to customize your door.

Wide range of colours and surface finishes

There is no limit to your imagination, thanks to the many standard colours that you can pair with various types of panels and surface finishes. And if this is not enough, we can paint your door in any Ral colour or with especially made varnishes.

Space saving

With GO SLIDE you can save a lot of space: the maximum dimensions are only 7cm in height and 14 cm in width.